Wednesday, April 25, 2007


During a trip to Highpoint, North Carolina, home of the worlds largest chest of drawers, Tony found the duality of the south in full force. Here is the evidence. Enjoy, Todd

I love photography!…I grew up in the south…Louisiana actually…colorful…funny…lovely and scary all at the same time…this is where I am sure I acquired a taste of capturing imagery of everyday life…I live in NYC now and you see the same incredible images here for sure but there is still something special about how we live in the south… I feel it made me a better person….here are some images that I captured during a recent trip to North Carolina…I could not resist pulling over (coming to a screeching halt actually) when I saw a great outdoor sculpture retailer off the side of the highway…..more of my photography in the weeks to come…if you are a fan of photography please visit the photography section of our site…Todd snapped some awesome pix…one of my favs….. Stephen Colbert as a female striper!


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Conn said...

i can't believe we never stopped there before.
"good times"...???