Friday, April 27, 2007


Kelli is one of the sharpest shoppers I know. She can find ANYTHING. Although she would deny it, I think she is a shopping psychic. I asked her to kindly share some of her secrets.

Enjoy, Todd

Auctions them. I discovered them on a live auction several years ago on Ebay. They are an amazing source for learning about designers you love, viewing rare pieces, and values. You may even find a new favorite designer.

Wright 20 in Chicago is tops on my list. They have such amazing taste.

Treadway Gallery in Chicago and Rago Arts + Auction Center in Lambertville, New Jersey are both excellent as well.

Check the archives. Pieces often do not go as high as the estimate....or you may also be surprised by how high some pieces climb.

For classic reissues and new design findsI like, type in "stan" during checkout and get 10% off with FREE SHIPPING!

Ebay ( of course ) often has damaged pieces you can fix yourself or love the piece even with flaws. Shipping is sometimes not that much.

Dansk Møbelkunst has an excellent selection often with rare pieces for Danish Modern and Scandinavian finds, Outernational has a huge selection of european 50's -70's ceramics and porcelain.

Last, just type your dream piece in Google and more than likely it will turn up somewhere just waiting for you.

Happy hunting, Kelli

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