Thursday, April 15, 2010


On Tuesday the rap game's gem sweater sweetheart LESLIE HALL stopped by the studio for a photo shoot (of course there were multiple wardrobe changes). Recommended: HERE WE GO OUT on repeat.

Then fun time family Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson and Lili dropped in and unloaded and arm full of zines we fought each other for. There's so many and you really need all of them. Get em HERE. (& if your in Brooklyn Check out Mark's show at MISHKA)

Ding Dong! All hell broke loose when Amy Sedaris burst in. She's been holed up working on her NEW BOOK! She owed Leslie $100 for some reason or another, and snuck in the frame for a few shots.

It was as fun as it looked! Thanks to everyone for stopping by, we'll see you soon!


pamma said...

this is such a delightful photo!!!
Wish I was there!

phlegmfatale said...

SO fabulous! Two of my favorite women in one photo.

Heather said...

Hi Todd. My name is Heather and you are one of my inspirations. I absolutely love your style and I'm actually about to graduate with a BA in Graphic Design and I can't wait. And oddly enough, my mom went to school with you in Tehran. Her name is Susan Pointon. Anyway, love your work!

deborah said...

todd! i interviewed leslie hall for my zine a few years back. do you want a copy? also, i have been a huge fan of yours since the eighties and i saw your house in a decorating mag, and you had that wall of women. i have loved you ever since=) let me know if you want my zine!
deb jacobs