Monday, October 20, 2008


What is your dream NYC address?
If I could, I would create a house in Central Park. It would look like a tree and be invisible to passersby. And, yes, I recognize what a selfish gesture it would be.

What was your craziest night out in NYC?
My actual craziest night I would never tell you about! But back in the '80s, I was at [the club] AM/PM sometime in the a.m., and although it was dark, there was a light behind one of the bartenders as he served me. Years later, I realized it had been Bruce Willis. I remembered his face instantly.

If you could have a dish named after you, what would it be and at which restaurant would it be served?
I'd put my lettuce risotto on the menu at Gobo on Sixth Avenue. I like it there because I like fake meat things and they have great fake meat.

If you were mayor of NYC, what would you do or change?
I would set up arts grants to bring the artists back. I miss the freedom that artists brought to the city before [Mayor Rudy] Giuliani. So many have left. Brooklyn is more interesting than Manhattan now.

What advice would you give a tourist coming to NYC?
Keep it moving. You're welcome here, but please—just keep it moving.

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