Friday, May 23, 2008

We are proud to present a new series of carpet designs developed by our friends at Durkan, a division of The Mohawk Group. TODD: Todd Oldham Designs Durkan, launched at the Hospitality Design Expo 2008 in Las Vegas this month. Check out videos of Todd in conversation with Michael Adams, Editor in Chief of Hospitality Design Magazine and in interview with Products Editor, Jana Schiowitz, here!

In the Haberdashery Collection, I wanted to pay tribute to enduring styles of menswear. Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain design elements that will never go out of style. With Haberdashery, we turn these designs on their ears to create a new, unexpected grouping of styles to dress a space.

Taking on the role of haberdasher-a term defining a merchant of men's clothing-we looked at what would work best on the floor in hospitality settings. We simply updated such classics as argyle, corduroy, plaid, herringbone, houndstooth, tie and checks with contemporary colors and pattern directions in a collection that forms the basis for a complete hospitality wardrobe.

Whether specifying for a flashy Las Vegas casino or a smaller quaint luxury hotel, designers can find just the right accessory in the Facets Collection.

To create Facets' dazzling line, I was inspired by two elements of charm: jewels and chains. Jewels add an element of luxury. One of the large jewel patterns could serve as a stunning centerpiece in a ballroom or entranceway, while a floated jewel pattern could grace a casino floor. In another pattern, I've created a striking floral look using jewel face designs. Chains bring distinction while also serving as a cohesive component to link the patterns of the Collection. In some patterns, we've layered chain designs on top of one another for added depth. Facets also experiments with ghosted patterns where we subtly highlight the designs with texture or shades of color. These accents effectively and cost-efficiently bring an added richness and dimension to the designs that might have previously only been achieved in woven carpet.

With its classic, clean style, the concentric square motif resonates with many hospitality audiences. Experimenting with scale and turning the design elements in different angles, I wanted to take concentric squares in a new direction that can be appreciated and enjoyed by designers looking to achieve any style-from modern contemporary to rustic.

Durability was top of mind in the creation of the Concentrics Collection as I worked with the Durkan design team, and sought to create a carpet that would last as long as its concentric-inspired designs. Often when you're working with clean lines, the pattern can start to appear worn over time. By adding ghosted patterns and shadows behind the concentric squares, we give them a slightly distressed look. The result is a design that maintains its beauty year after year.


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