Friday, April 25, 2008


Place Space by Todd Oldham is an innovative new design series that explores brilliant, singular places and the uncommonly devoted people that create them. Inspired by the playful, whirlwind life of periodicals and the cultured, calm, defined status of books -- Place Space offers to compliment the two while existing between the boundaries.

Each volume of Place Space is 11 x 8.5 inch soft cover wrapped in an unconventional origami-like dust jacket. Unifying the series is its dust jackets that open wide to a gigantic poster that contains essays by Todd Oldham and special guest essayist and visual index enhanced with Todd's anecdotes and experiences while visiting these magical environments.

Open the book to discover each location presented in vast, full bleed photographs that create a lush visual experience of each extraordinary space. A collectable treat of hand colored postcards displaying places visited are tabbed into each book. Cut apart the postcards and send off to friends or keep together and decorate your home.

Priced affordably, each Place Space volume lovingly appeals to those of us overflowing with youthful exuberance but perhaps a little empty on cash. Four distinct volumes published per year.

Published by AMMO Books, available June 2008, $20 ea.

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diana @ please sir said...

These sound wonderful - I will have to pick them up - thanks!