Friday, August 10, 2007


Hope your summer is going well. There are some terrific summer art treats this August that I found wildly inspiring. If you're out in Los Angeles, be sure to check out CARRIE MARILL at SIXSPACE gallery. The show is called NEWFOUNDLAND and the guache on paper paintings explore extinct and endangered plants and animals. The astonishing quality of the work is not as visable in the photos of the work, so try to see them in person. Carrie Marill is a very gifted artist and one to keep an eye on. Here are a few images. Check out the sixspace site for more Marills and info.

Also in Los Angeles [and not far from sixspace] is Western Project. The super smart group show features one of my favourite artists, WAYNE WHITE. The title of the show, BEAUTY IS EMBARRISING is from one of White’s crisp new paintings. Working in the amazing singular Wayne White way, the new pieces are more simplified and just as intriguing. There is also a terrific new additioned piece painted on laser cut aluminum. A mind-bending take on text that leaps at you. For more Wayne Whites online and in person go to CLEMENTINE GALLERY in New York and WESTERN PROJECT in Los Angeles. Here is the show’s eponymous artwork.

Also at Western Project is the remarkable Arne Svenson’s installation of MRS. BALLARD'S PARROTS paraphernalia including the original poloroids and the animal abuse tinged films.

If you find yourself in New York don’t miss the Whitney's intallation of RUDOLF STINGEL. The genius MCA in Chicago pulled this terrific show together and it is incredibly inspiring. From the stark coloured carpet installation to the fascinating foam insulation carvings to the super gigantic, masterfully painted, photorealistic self-portraits, Stingel’s consistent hand is remarkable. The MCA's catalogue is terrific, but I hope you get to see it in person because you will not forget this show. Roberta Smith from The New York Times, says ”For nearly 20 years [Rudolf Stingel] has made work that seduces the eye while also upending most notions of what, exactly, constitutes a painting, how it should be made and by whom. . . jaw-dropping, thought-provoking beauty." “It's one of the best-looking shows I've ever seen at the Whitney."

THIS IS A MUST SEE. Check out CINDY SHERMAN'S new work in the August issue of French Vogue. ASTONISHING!

Wishing you the best rest of the summer, cheers, todd

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Melanie said...

Todd, good to read your blog. Always something great going on! I hope you're well. I'm living in San Francisco. It's a beautiful city! I think of you often. My love to Conn and your family! -Melanie Cuplin.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for Melanie Cuplin. A sweet girl whom I love and adore. I think of her often because she taught me so much and everyday I hung around her was like medicine for the soul. ~Heather